Johnson City, Texas – Texas Longhorn – HDR

Texas Longhorn HDR

NIKON D300, NIkon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

We had a fun day exploring Texas yesterday.  We have been here almost 2 years and unfortunately have not had much time to drive around and see the sights.  The idea was to find some wild flowers.  One f the best locations in the ares is a town called Fredricksburg (an old German town).  From Austin it is about 1 1/2 hour drive.  An easy and intersting drive!  We live in a populated area of Texas.  Not too many ranches/farms.   As we drove deeper into the country the topography and scenery changed quite a bit!  These ranches sure are interesting indeed!  We saw ranches that contained cows, deer, goats, donkey, horses, sheep, longhorns, bison – and would you believe – camels!!  Too funny!  I had no idea you can have camels on your farm!  This one ranch had 2 of them.  We stopped to take a picture, but couldnt get too close as it was private property.

We drove to a place called Wildseed Farms.  They had some wildflowers, but it was a windy/breezy day.  If you have tried to take pics of flowers when its windy….you catch my drift!  Added to that we have not had tons of rain this year….so the qty of wild flowers is down alot from last year.  I’ll keep looking! My wife heard there are tons on the way to Houston….maybe another road trip soon?   At Wildseed Farms they had a few fields of flowers and walking paths through the flowers – very cute.  One fun part was the Butterfly Haus.  3000 sq ft of an enclosed house for butterflies.  Its fun to walk around with them fluttering all around.  I did get some pics.  Going hand held makes it a little tough.  I’ll post one soon.

After a full day we decided to head home around 4ish.  On the way in Johnson City (home of Lyndon B Johnson – former US President) I saw this mechanical longhorn and the roadside.  I wanted to take this shot on the way back.  We pulled over and noticed it was a piece of art and was the entrance to a art exhibit – 5 miles down the road.   I figured with the color and chrome pieces an HDR would suit this guy well.   I took it hand held with 5 exposures – post processed with Photomatix.   He was a perfect ending to a fun day in Texas.   We witnessed so many animals today and ended with a Texas Longhorn!   A cool piece of art!