Palm Springs, CA IR (Infrared)

Palm Springs IR #2

NIKON D70S ( Life Pixel Modified Infrared), Nikon 18-70, Lightroom 2.0

I was having fun post processing my recent IR photos.  I wanted to see if I could get different color looks.  This is version 2 of the blue hue version post I did earlier.  That version is cool…this one is HOT!  LOL  A nice effect!  The cool version I post processed in CS3.  This hot one was post processed in Lightroom 2.0.  I just played with the hues and this is what I came out with.  I was reading the book by David Busch “Digital Infrared Pro Secrets”  (nice read for IR introduction) and I see all the different styles of photos included and it makes me want to improve my post processing skills.  I dont think he had any scoops on the style above, that was my own experimentation.  Still lots to learn…but it sure is fun!  Hope you enjoy!  Heading out today for a Texas Wildflower hunt…hope to have some pics in a day or so!   (Life Pixel IR Conversion Web Site)

Peter Talke Photography Settings:
Camera: Nikon D70S – Converted to IR (LifePixel)
Tripod using Really Right Stuff BH-40 Ball Head
Really Right Stuff Contest Page: Water Photo Contest


One comment on “Palm Springs, CA IR (Infrared)

  1. aleksarus says:

    very nice photo, like an oasis in the desert!

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