Water Lily

Water Lily

NIKON D300, Nikon 105 VR

As it is spring time…I wanted to post one of my favorite shots from last year.  I took this shot here in Austin at the Zilker Botonical Garden.  This water lily was so beautiful…it kinda looks like the middle is on fire!  Such great colors!  This photograph was recently published in Hill Country magazine (Spring 2009 issue) …here is the link for the magazine site…  http://www.hillcountrymagazine.com/issues/20091/  

One of my favorite times of the year in Texas is spring!  I am getting ready in the next few weeks to take tons of flower pics.  We have a few road trips set up already.   Here in TX sometimes all you need to do is pull over roadside and you can get some great wildflower photos!!   I’m sure I will have lots to post in the next month or so.  My macro lens is ready to go!  And per my post below..Im gonna try a few flower IR shots as well.  Hope the weather is warming up where you are!

IR (Infrared) Las Vegas – Paris Hotel

IR Las Vegas

NIKON D70S, (Modified IR by Life Pixel) Nikon 18-70, Photoshop

Finally got to go through all my IR shots from the trip.  I took about 50 photos.  The Palm Springs shot in my other post was the best.  This style of photogrpahy is very new to me…so I have tons to learn.  After I post processed this picture…I thought it came out pretty cool.  The key is the composition.  The angle and the palm trees help out.  Beforehand I was curious to see if buildings in IR looked ok?  After seeing this…I say yes…..but buildings need help.  Any trees or clouds will be advantageous.  I do wish I has some clouds in this picture….would make it even better. 

As it is springtime….my next attempt on IR will be flowers.   I’ll post one soon!

If you are going to convert a camera to IR….go to Life Pixel They are the leaders!  I am working on a coupon code with them…let you know soon.  Tell them Peter Talke sent you!  Dont forget…any IR questions you may have…feel free to ask anytime!