Fractalius Flower Fun

Fractalius Flower Fun

NIKON D300, NIKON 105 VR, Photoshop – Fractalius

Here is a picture I took at the Bellagio Hotel 2 weeks ago.  You may ask how it was done?  Easy!   Fractalius.  Its a plug in for many of the post processing software used for photographs.  I use Photoshop CS3.   Plug ins are filter additions to your current software.  You can purchase them and add them into your workflow.   I saw this plug in one day on a friends web site…I was amazed!   I wanted to get it!  You can also… is the website.  $39.90 for the program.  Easy download and install. 

I’ve tried it on many photographs….seems as though flowers and animals are the best!    Here is a bird you can see for reference on my web site…  Its very cool!    A dream shot for me one day would be to get a closeup of an american eagle…then use Fractalius. 

As for this shot….you can play around with the settings on Fractalius and get many different versions/styles.  I loved the composition of this shot.  The flower all by itself, and the deep green background (looks like green flames) creates a wonderful color flow!    With this software you can have lots of fun.  Hope you enjoy!

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