Splash of Color – Las Vegas, Nevada


NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

Just got back from our trip and have tons of photos to download and look at.   I will share a few over the next few days. We were in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Southern California.  A fun wonderful trip and lots of beautiful weather!    This is one shot I took at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.  They had an amazing spring flower exhibit just beyond the registration desk.    If you have a tripod and are willing to set it up in the hotels there… just hope you dont get bumped or knocked over…you can get fantastic shots basically in any of the nice mainstream hotels….with some patience.    Just be careful with your equipment…people drink lots in Vegas.  =)   The best time to shoot is around 7 AM inside the hotels.  Many people are partied out or are stumbling back to their rooms around this time….so it is nice and quiet!

As I walked around with my daughter (at 4 years old she has her own camera also! ) and took pictures of the flowers….this angle caught my eye.  I took about 10 versions of this picture and when I finally got to look at them tonite….this looked liked the best one.  If I find a angle I like alot in any pics I’m taking…I make sure to take 5-10 pics of it from different focal lengths.  That way you have options of which one looks the best.  How many times have we taken a shot and got home and looked at it and said to ourselves…wish I had taken a few more cause this one turned out mediocre.  Thats the fun of digital cameras.  The law of averages will work in your favor…hopefully!   Enjoy the Splash of Color!

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