Palm Springs, California – IR Photo

Palm Springs IR

NIKON D70S  (modified IR by Life Pixel), Nikon 18-70, Photoshop

Here is a pretty cool shot I took this morning.  I’m sure you are wondering how it was done?  It is an IR (Infrared) Photo.   This was in my first downloads on my trial run for the IR camera I just had convereted.   So this process is all new to me!   Seemed very easy!

Many cameras can be converted to IR or if not can be used with an IR filter.   I had heard it was better to have the camera converted to IR as you get to look at the end result on your view finder.  If you use a filter…like a Hoya R72…it does not show the picture.  With this in mind I recently sent out my old Nikon D70s out to a place called LifePixel.  In about 10 days, the camera came back looking the same…but the filter was changed internally to IR.  Go to Life Pixel for more details.  You can read FAQ’s, etc… about the process.

I had studied IR photos in the past year and always wanted to give it a try!  I had read that pictures that look good are ones that have sky, trees and water.  This shot has all three…got lucky this morning.  This shot was handheld with the kit lens that came with my D70s.   I took about 20 pictures early this morning around 7:30 AM.  The sun was bright and the sky was crystal clear.  For an IR photo..sunlight or strong light is necessary or the shot will not come out properly.

I opened the orignal shot in Photoshop CS3 (any photoshop will do!) it looks redish.  I did a little processing and made the sky and water blue…took me only 3 mins and this is the final shot!   I’m impressed with the artistic look of the shot.  This is a very different style of photography.  I’m sure some may like it and and some may not.  I am one that thinks its kinda neat. 

I’d enjoy your feedback on IR photography.  As these are my first photos today…I am curious to see what kind of pictures can be taken?  Buildings, ocean shots, people?  Not sure?  I’ll post any good ones here.  With standard photogrpahy (portraits, lanndscapes, etc..), HDR and now IR…it makes taking pictures exciting!  Feel free to email any questions about my IR setup…I’ll try to help out as much as possible.  Enjoy!  I’ll post a normal shot form Palm Springs in a few days.