Austin, Texas – Capitol Building HDR

Austin, Texas

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

This picture is from my hometown of Austin, Texas.  We have now been here about 2+ years and it is a beautiful little city.   The city itself is filled with live music any day of  the week on 6th strreet.    Lance Armstrong, Andy Roddick, Sandra Bullock are some of the local celebs that reside here.  We live in the Hill Country…it kinda reminds me of a Southern San Francisco….replace the seafood with barbeque food and there you have it! Austin is the capital of Texas and is about 3 1/2 hours south of Dallas and about 3 hours NE of Houston.

I really enjoy springtime in Texas.  The wildflowers fill the coutryside and even the roadside.  A sight to see!  Cant beat Texas Blue Bonnets!  Hope to have some new pics of spring 2009 on here next month! 

Every few months or so we take a drive to downtown and see the sights.  Our first stop is always the Capitol Building.   We had just parked this day and it was almost time for the sun to set.  For photogrpahs it may be a perfect time…its the Golden Hour!    We walked up the side entrance and this was the first picture I took that day!   I first tried a normal shot and it looked decent.  I wasnt sure how an HDR would work….and gave it a try!   I took 5 exposures and then produced the HDR in Photomatix (see the new coupon code for Photomatix link to the right!   15% off using Places2Explore as your code!).  This has become one of my favorite HDR shots!  I have it hanging in my office as a nice 30×20 gallery wrap!


3 comments on “Austin, Texas – Capitol Building HDR

  1. Laura says:

    That is a beautiful pic of the Capitol. I am no professional photographer but I do love to take pictures. I live just outside of Austin in Manor. Check out my blog, I have tons of pictures of Austin and the surrounding areas.

    They are certainly not professional, but they may give you some ideas of places to take some professional pics.

  2. I have just been taking a look around your blog and I must say I am in awe of the marvelous places you have seen. The last time I traveled was about 7 years ago, you have fired up my passion for travel once again! Your pictures of Paris are brilliant, it is one of my favourite places; so cosy, friendly and antique.

    • Tons of travel for my job…its alot…but I sure do love it! With a camera always in my bag…I always have fun! Whats great is I get to take the family with me a couple times a year! They have been to many places around this beautiful world! Thanks for the comments! I think once you get travel in your blood (and I see yours is now ready to go again)…its hard not to say…where can I go next?? It is a small world and there are tons of places to see!! I really love Paris. I’ll be back in June and I cannot wait! Have fun…hope to hear you have booked a flight to somewhere soon! =) Keep us updated…and feel free to post it here!

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