New York City – Bird’s Eye View

New York City

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

This picture was from last year in NYC.   I grew up about 1 hour south of NYC and just like anywhere you live…you take it for granted and overlook the opportunity to visit more often and enjoy the sights.   Now we are in Texas and when I get back to NYC…I enjoy it tremendously!  Just an amazing city!  Through the years I have seen lots, but still there are many places I still want to photograph!  I tell my wife that one day we must live in NYC…at least for one year when we are retired….just to enjoy the city life. 

I get in at least once a year these days and always enjoy the sightseeing!  Like  a usual tourist, I hop on the double decker bus and enjoy the tons of iconic sights in NYC!  The usual stops are Times Square, Rockefeller, Central Park, Flatiron Building, South Street Seaport, etc…  I try to make a list in my mind of what I want to see next on my next visit.  Hopefully this year it is to have dinner with my family at the River Cafe in Brooklyn!  You can eat dinner and overlook a beautiful view of Manhattan, nestled next to the Brooklyn Bridge!  If I do…I will surely post pics later this year!

For this shot I took a friend to see NYC and he always wanted to visit the Empire State Bulding.  It was the end of summer and lines were long.  The new saftey rules at the building are tight and you have to go though many security points.  Took about 1 1/2 hours to finally take the elevator ride to the viewing level.  Its a fantastic view!   For those that have seen it…NYC from all sides!   Its nice to overlook the city and hear the typical city traffic noises as its quiet from above.   Many people are enjoying the view and taking photos.  I was one as well!   I was ready to pack up my camera and head down and this little fellow appeared right in front of me!    He landed on a great perch and had such a wonderful view!    Hope you enjoy it as well!!