Paris, France

Eiffel Tower in Blue

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, Star Filter

Per my post just below…I wanted to post my favorite shot from Paris.  This was taken in September 2008.   I remember taking a taxi into town and I always look for the Eiffel Tower from my bus or taxi while riding in.  It was late at nite and I could not see it the Tower.   All I saw was this blue light in the distance!  Typcially the tower is lit in Gold/Yellow.  I took a double take and saw the Tower was lit in Blue!   Once in a blue moon they change the color for special occasions.  The Eiffel Tower was in Blue due to the European Union Anniversary!  An amazing time to see it!  I got lucky!!  …and had no idea!!

I spent nearly 2 hours at the tower taking shot after shot that evening…different angles, etc….every time I looked through the lens I was looking in awe!  Just an amazing sight to see!  Then every hour the  “twinkle” lights came on and that was amzing as well!   I camped out for this shot about an hour before sunset and wanted to get the tower lit in blue with some of the sunset in the background.  The crowd thinned out as the sun went down.   I recall stepping from my camera to take a few shots for some couples on their cameras.  It adds to the fun of taking photos!  I always enjoy taking pics for people. 

I used a tripod and shutter release on this shot….but the added effect was the Star Filter.  I put the filter over the lens and it helps create a “star” effect on any light!   A nice touch!   Just an amazing nite that I will never forget!


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