Frankfurt, Germany


NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

Germany is a lovely place.  This picture was from last week.  It was a cold nite and I was staying near the main train station downtown (Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof).   I had some time to take a walk and see the sights.  I had always wanted to capture a city view nite shot on the rive Main.  The walk wasnt bad…about 1 mile.  Even at 8 PM on a cold nite, the German people were riding bikes and jogging along the riverside.  Both sides of the river have a path to enjoy. 

I set up my tripod and used a shutter release.  When taking a shot at nite, camera shake can be an issue.  Using these options helps out!  I used a 3 second exposure and this is the shot I captured!  The bridge you see is a walking bridge (no cars).  The city of Frankfurt is nice and clean.  I feel safe walking anywhere…even at nite.  Around the Main Station there are many restaurants and bars.  A nice place to visit during the summer!  You can sit outside and have dinner on the Rhine and listen to music or even take in futbol (soccer) game on TV! 

The beer in Germany is fantastic as we all know and have heard.  I travel all around Germany and enjoy Frankfurt as a stop over, but there are many other great places to visit in Germany….Cologne, Munich, Nurnberg, Berlin.

11 comments on “Frankfurt, Germany

  1. silke says:

    Hi there,

    I am really glad you liked my hometown and Germany. I don’t think that I ever read a blog post starting with the words: Germany is a lovely place. 🙂

    Gosh, you seem to travel a lot! I am green with envy. 😉 I also had a closer look at your Talke website, and I have to say that I really like your pics. I have just bought myself a DSLR – and now try to learn everything about photography and postproduction (is that the right word?)

    Congratulations, I really like your work.
    Greatings from Germany

    PS: You know we Germans are weisenheimers: The river in Frankfurt is called Main. The river Main flows into the river Rhine not far from Frankfurt, but actually the river on the picture is the river Main. 😉

    • Silke, thanks! As I am not a local…I can misname things sometimes. =) It is now corrected thanks to you! I appreciate the feedback. Congrats on the purchase! Take lots o pics! Just remember its the photographer that makes the shots….but a great lens always helps! LOL Email me if you have any questions about lenses….I’d be glad to help! I like Lightroom 2.0 in postproduction…and of course for HDR’s – Photomatix is the key!

      • silke says:

        Hi again,
        The same happened with me when I posted some pictures of my visit to London at flickr. A local also pointed to some misnamings. 🙂
        I can see the skyline from my flat and tried to capture the atmosphere several times – but I never managed to do so, shake is definitively an issue. Guess I have to buy a tripod as well. 😉

      • Silke, Hiya! A tripod for night photography and a shutter release is a must! =) Manfrotto makes lots of great tripods. I use one…make sure it can handle enough weight for your needs. Whats your Flickr account name? We can all check it out!

      • silke says:

        Hey, you are curious! 🙂
        Here is my flickr account:
        Please don’t expect too much – I am an absolute freshmen – and most of the pictures are just snapshots taken with my mobile phone camera! 😉
        But I am always happy about comments and tips from a pro.
        Do you have a flickr account yourself? What is your name btw?

  2. Brandon says:

    You have some beautiful photos! I really like this one a lot. I wish I could travel abroad!

    • Thanks much! Traveling is fun! If you have the time and money…its tons of fun! Especially these days with technology…taking pics is easy! I just carry lots of equipment…my poor muscles! Its a work out.

  3. silke says:

    PS: I don’t even know what a shutter release is! 😀

    • Silke, hiya! Its a hand held controller with a button (or a couple) connected to a cord that connects to your camera. Click it and it snaps the photo. Another way to avoid camera shake! Its great for long exposures…some have an option that allows you to put the button on “cruise control”. Hope that helps. If you need to know what I have let me know…I’ll dig it out of my camera bag and post the model name here.

      • silke says:

        O I see. My problem is not only that I don’t know much about photography, but also that English is not my first language. Shutter release is called “Fernauslöser” in German.
        At the moment I try to get used to my starter kit equipment which is difficult enough and I am planning to buy other lenses and stuff when I know more about my habits and needs.
        If you don’t mind I would like to get back to you with some questions about lenses towards the end of the year. 😉

      • Silke, Hello! Any questions you may have…just ask anytime!

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